Ocean Plastics Lab

Pieces of plastic on beaches are unfortunately a familiar sight. But what is washed up on shores is just a fraction of the oceans’ pollution: between 4 and 12 million metric tons of plastic land in the oceans every year. That is equivalent to about one shipping container filled with plastic dumped into the ocean every minute – with disastrous effects for animals and vegetation. It is time we fully understood the consequences of macro- and microplastic for the aquatic ecosystem. We are just beginning to SEE the waste, DETECT impacts and BUILD co-solutions. Find out how scientists all over the world are combating marine litter.

plastic bombing © Simone Bava | JPI Oceans EPHEMARE Project


  • Jeremy McKane – LUCiD | USA
    LUCiD is an interactive installation that uses your mind to control various scenes, and facilitate awareness of ocean conservation.
  • Plastic Garbage Project | Switzerland
    The goal of this project is to give as large and wide a public as possible an impetus to use plastic in a more conscious way. The project aims at encouraging action and changing behavior.