Ocean Plastics Lab
The Ocean Plastics Lab is an international traveling exhibition about science:
It showcases the contribution of science to understand and
tackle the problem of plastics in the ocean.

Unfortunately we have to inform you that the exhibition is no longer on tour.
The Ocean Plastics Lab is an exciting exhibition about science
The exhibition is designed as a hands-on science lab, inviting visitors to assume the role of scientists and over the course of four containers explore the extent and impact of plastics in the ocean.
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Over 60 Partners contributed to the Ocean Plastics Lab
A wide range of exhibits, interactive installations, displays and animations are showcased in the Ocean Plastics Lab. This is the contribution of over 60 scientific institutions, EU projects, NGOs, foundations and intergovernmental organisations from all continents.
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Here we provide contact info, latest press releases, images or additional material of current and past exhibitions of the Ocean Plastics Lab.
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„Curiosity is always the first step to a problem that needs to be solved“

Galileo Galilei